About Us

Welcome to Harbin Australia

We are an Australian owned Importer of commercial catering equipment with particular focus on equipment for the production and display of Frozen Drinks, Gelato & Ice-cream, Frozen Yogurt & Soft serve and other Frozen desert concepts.

We have over 30 years of experience in identifying and building the customers own personalized frozen desert and frozen beverage programs.

Harbin begins with understanding the consumer, through to bespoke formulas and the equipment required to manufacture and display the product for sale.

Many import equipment, many on sell the Gelato & ice-cream, Frozen Yogurt and beverage ingredients, very few offer a complete consultancy service which can then deliver on every aspect.


  • Frozen Drink Dispensers -Frozen Drink formulas & concentrates -Other support products including cups, straws etc.
  • Gelato & Ice-Cream Making Equipment – Formulas & Ingredients – Manufacturing training classes – Display & serve cases & concepts
  • Frozen Yogurt & Soft Serve Equipment & Products
  • Unique Frozen Dessert Dispensing Systems
  • Identifying and Building The Customers Personalized Programs
  • National coverage with an experienced and qualified team.

We proudly sell and support the finest equipment brands