Total View

Total View

Patisserie and praline display cabinet 1151 h and 1500 h, with Total View and Fully Transparent.
Total View is a bright and transparent displaying space: the clean lines of the glass volumes fully enhance its content and easily allow identifying the exposed product from any angle, side or front.




Total View is available in 2 heights h 1151 and h 1500mm (45,31” and 59,05”) – and in lengths 1000, 1500 and 1980 mm – h 1151 only (39,37”, 59,05” and 77,95”- h 45,31” only). All modules are available with an on-board or external condensing unit with sliding doors or extractable drawers located on the server’s side. Double glazed, tempered and heated glass front, side and top panels (middle panels for h 1500 mm – 59,05” model). LED lighting. Ventilated refrigeration on all levels (the upper part is nonrefrigerated in the h 1500 mm – 59,05” model) with defrost timer. Temperature and relative humidity can be set using the control panel: the same display case can be used to display pastries/cold snacks (+37.4°F, 70% RH) or chocolates (+57.2°F, 45% RH max).

Total View h 1151 (45,31”) is available with sliding doors or drawers in sizes 1000, 1500, 1980 (39,37”, 59,05” and 77,95”). The display case with the sliding doors comes with 1 or 2 glass display shelves (the second is optional) that can be positioned at three different heights and a lower level made from stainless steel. The rear is made from 2 double-glazed self-closing sliding doors. The glass front opening is fitted with a sliding system through a quadrilateral structure that moves with joints; a right to left or left to right opening can be ordered (on request).

Total View h 1500 mm (59,05”) is available in 1000 and 1500 (39,37” and 59,05”) modules in the versions with extractable drawers and rear sliding doors. Unlike the h 1151 mm (45,31”) versions with extractable drawers in tempered and heated doubleglazed glass divides the lower refrigerated area from the upper non-refrigerated area. Another display shelf is fitted in the non-refrigerated area which is closed with plexiglass sliding doors.

In the TOTAL VIEW H 1151 L 1984, the cooling plant is made of two evaporators and, with the use of a dividing glass in double room (optional), it is possible to create two separate and independent compartments with two temperatures and two different humidities: one compartment suitable for patisserie (+4°C 70% R.H.) and the other for praline (+14°C 45% R.H.).








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