SLM Showcases

SLM Showcases

Compact solutions for limited areas…


With its slim form design, SLM Showcases can easily fit into your smallest areas

Main Features:

  • SLM comes in 3 different sizes
  • With its 6, 7 and 8 pan alternative sizes, it can fit your smallest spaces and can even be placed in your kitchen


SLM - 6 G SLM - 7 G SLM - 8 G
Length mm 1240 1410 1600
Depth mm 724 724 724
Height mm 1250 1250 1250
Weight NET Kg’s 182 202 1600
Weight Brut Kg’s 251 277 290
Capacity of Pans Lt’s 6X5/4X7 7X5/14X7 8X5/5X7
Power of Compressors 630w 700w 782w
Refrigerant R404a R404a R404a
Running Temperature at 60% Relative Humidity -18/-22C / 0F/-7,6F -18/-22C / 0F/-7,6F -18/-22C / 0F/-7,6F
Power Supply 220/1/50-60Hz / 400/3/50-60Hz 220/1/50-60Hz / 400/3/50-60Hz 220/1/50-60Hz / 400/3/50-60Hz
Compressor Type Hermetic Hermetic Hermetic
Refrigerating System Forced Air/Ventilated Forced Air/Ventilated Forced Air/Ventilated
Defrosting Automatic Automatic Automatic
Defrosting Type Hot Gas+/Resistance Hot Gas+/Resistance Hot Gas+/Resistance

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