Pratica 15/25

Pratica 15/25

Pratica 15-25 has the vertical cylinder which allows important advantages: easy filling, constant product visibility and ability to add ingredients at any time. Gelato is effectively mixed during preparation. The beater pushes the product upwards then gravity brings the product down again, at the end of the production cycle the gelato is automatically dispensed. 

Pratica 15-25 has 2 production cycles: the time controlled cycle allows for the rapid production of high quality gelato, whilst the temperature cycle always allows to achieve the same result with different quantities of processed. Easy production of granita thanks to alternate agitation.

Model Width - Depth Height Power Condensation Mixture/cycle (Lt) Mixture/cycle (Lt) Hourly production (Lt)
Pratica 15/25 47x51x96 cm Amp. 5 - Kw 2,4 V 400 - 50 - 3 air/water 4 0÷20 25÷50 ice cream/granita

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