Lunette is a technically advanced display case as well as aesthetically very appealing. Lunette is available in 3 linear units (1125, 1625 and 2125) in the Gelato, 4 Seasons, Pastry, Pralines, Cold Snack and Dry Heat service units, with 3 different rear closures, and a host of utility equipment for an all round versatile use.




Registered model, curved glass front, maximum transparency, LED lights: LUNETTE is a fully innovative display case with a striking personality and extremely effective when it comes to show its products to the public. The rear closure fitted with the hermetic closure system (HCS) is a great innovation, which allows the display case to be fully and perfectly closed. 



LUNETTE is a true first lady, playing the lead in every gelato parlours or any other premises where you wish to install it.
The ventilated refrigeration system fitted with a double evaporator has an elevated air flow which ensures the temperature uniformity inside the tank, thus permitting to display gelatos in a higher position up to 3 1/4” from the pan’s rim.



  •  Monobloc foam tank insulated with injected polyurethane (40 kg/m3).
  • Self-bearing glass frame.
  • LED lighting
  • Electronic thermostat with temperature display and repeater on customer’s side.
  • Pyrolytic, tempered and heated glass front.
  • Heated, tempered, pyrolytic and double glass sides.
  • Refrigeration system with double evaporator, ventilated with elevated air flow.
  • Hot gas (UC) or reverse cycle (NUC) defrosting system.
  • Optional extras: scoop washer and castors
  • Optional tropicalization: remote condensing unit tested at 109.4°F ambient temperature.
  • Certifications: CE for Europe and GOST Standard for Russia.
  • Tested at 95°F and 60% R.H.
  • Available in the following linear units* (1’-2 1/4” * 6 1/4” _ 1’-2 1/4” * 10” pans):
  • 3’-8 1/4” (6+6 / 4+4).
  • 5’-4” (9+9 / 6+6).
  • 6’-11 3/4” (12+12 / 8+8)






The LUNETTE gelato display case is also available in the 4 SEASONS version which may serve as gelato display case (10.4°F / -0.4°F) or pastry display case (39.2°F / 46.4°F with 60/70% average R.H.), simply by operating on the commute switch. Thanks to LUNETTE 4 SEASONS you may simply switch your premises from a gelato parlour to a patisserie, according to the year’s season or the requirements of your customers. Optional extra: the display top in stainless steel to put in place of the gelato pans when the display case serves as a pastry or snack unit. The 4 SEASONS version comes with Plexiglas rear sliding doors (or roller night-shade as an optional extra) or with the HCS (hermetic closure) version.




The master patisserie maker may find in LUNETTE a valuable help. Just like gelatos, pastry products need a perfect preservation and display case: each cake, miniature pastry or special creation will be shining thanks to the particular shape of the glass and the LED lighting supplied as standard equipment.

The refrigeration system (T° 39.2°/46.4°F) is ventilated. The 9 1/2” deep glass display shelf (optional) has brackets in BA polished finish stainless steel, fitted with scratch-resistant rubber profiles.



The LUNETTE pastry display case has a striking personality and it comes in 3 units: 3’-8 1/4”; 5’-4”; 6’-11 3/4”; (end panels excluded). LED lighting supplied as standard equipment. The refrigerated display surface, 2’-7” deep, is formed by removable shelves in BA polished finish stainless steel. 

For the optimal preservation of pastry products, the refrigerating system has been designed to achieve a suitable rate of R.H. (70 – 80%). The condensing unit has a double fan system with the second fan fitted with a pressure switch: all this provides a reduced heat and noise for the operator. Tested under 95°F climatic class and 60% R.H. Also available in the HCS (hermetic closure system) version.





LUNETTE and the chocolate: a perfect match. Thanks to the display case special shape and look, the chocolate seems shining and glittering: no customer could resist such temptation! 5.5° inclined surface, 2’-7” deep. The refrigeration system is designed to control perfectly the humidity. The display case comes in 3 units: 3’-8 1/4”; 5’-4”; 6’-11 3/4” (end panels excluded).
IFI’s Lunette is two display cases in one: in fact, the same display case can be used for pralines (+14°C, 45% U.R. MAX) or for pastry (+4°/+8°C); you just need to change the temperature and humidity settings on the control panel. The display case has a static refrigeration system and falls in the category of 30°C / 55% relative humidity.









Available in the units measuring 3’-8 1/4”; 5’-4” (end panels excluded). The display surface is in black tempered glass with resistive serigraphy. Working temperature: 176°F. Electronic control panel with digital temperature display sited inside the display case and on the customer’s side







The refrigeration system (T° 39.2°/46.4°F) is ventilated. The display case comes in 3 units: 3’-8 1/4”; 5’-4”; 6’-11 3/4” (end panels excluded). The refrigerated display surface, 2’-7” deep, is formed by removable shelves in BA polished finish stainless steel.




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