Karya S Showcase

Karya S Showcase

Meeting point of Technology and design since 1949, SEVEL


Our company, which has a very flexible production line in different sizes and dimensions, further develop itself with each passing year. New investments and technical equipment used are the most important indicators of this development.

Sevel, very well known and sought-after brand all over the world, is proud to present the new design gelato showcases to your liking.


Main Features:

  • Fresh elegance meets the fantasy with transparency of the sides, slope of the glass and endless flexibility of the 30 degree curves
  • All heated double pane glass offers resistance to condensation under widest range of temperatures and humidity
  • Available for Gelato/Ice Cream, Pastry, Deli and Chocolate/Praline
  • Hydraulic piston hinge front glass
  • All RAL colours, plus custom-made and wood colours
  • Illuminated flavor labels



Length mm 1225 1559 1732 2251
Depth mm 1185 1185 1185 1185
Height mm 1370 1370 1370 1370
Weight Kg’s 250 370 397 460
Weight Brut Kg’s 339 455 490 580
Capacity of Pans Lt’s 12x5/8x7 16x5/10x7 18x5/12x7 24x5/16x7
Power of Compressors 1130W 782+700W 782+782W 1130+782W
Refrigerant R404a R404a R404a R404a
Running Temperature at -18/-22 -18/-22C -18/-22C -18/-22C
95 F, 60% Relative Humidity 0/-7.6F 0/-7.6F 0/-7.6F 0/-7.6F
Power Supply 1 220/1/50-60Hz 220/1/50-60Hz 220/1/50-60Hz 220/1/50-60Hz
Power Supply 2 400/3/50-60Hz 400/3/50-60Hz 400/3/50-60Hz 400/3/50-60Hz
Compressor Type Hermetic Hermeti Hermeti Hermeti
Refrigerating System Forced Air/Ventilated Forced Air/Ventilated Forced Air/Ventilated Forced Air/Ventilated
Defrosting Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Defrosting Type Hot Gas+/Resistance Hot Gas+/Resistance Hot Gas+/Resistance Hot Gas+/Resistance

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