Ephesus Pastry Showcase

Ephesus Pastry Showcase

Perfect moisturizing system…


EPHESUS N is the newest version of EPHESUS Series..

With the same narrow side panels, this showcase can fit into all limited spaces. If you have limited space and limited budget, EPHESUS N is your showcase


Main Features:

  • With special display angles, perfect visibility of the displayed product
  • Perfect moisturizing system prevents your products getting dry
  • Easy control of the system temperature with the digital control panel


EN-12P EN-16P EN-18P EN-20P
Length mm 1280 1600 1790 2000
Depth mm 950 950 950 950
Height mm 1260 1260 1260 1260
Weight Kg. 192 224 240 270
Power of Compressors 480W 590W 630W 780W
Refridgerant R134a R134a R134a R134a
Running Temperature at 60% Humidity +4/+8C +4/+8C +4/+8C +4/+8C
Power Supply 220/1/50-60 Hz 220/1/50-60 Hz 220/1/50-60 Hz 220/1/50-60 Hz
Compressor Type Hermetic Hermetic Hermetic Hermetic
Refrigeration System Forced Air/Ventilated Forced Air/Ventilated Forced Air/Ventilated Forced Air/Ventilated
Defrosting Automatic Automati Automati Automati
Defrosting Type Resistance Resistance Resistance Resistance

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