Strong and elegant, the CUBIKA display cabinet is available in 3 heights: h 1151, 1351, 1450 mm.
Services: gelato, patisserie/praline, Dry hot snack and bain-marie.
CUBIKA h 1151 mm: gelato, patisserie and praline; 110, 160, 210, 320 units and corner.

CUBIKA h 1351 mm
: gelato, patisserie, patisserie with cooled shelves, praline, dry hot snack and bain-marie, 110, 160, 210, 320 units and 3 corner. LED lighting.

CUBIKA h 1450 mm: gelato, patisserie, patisserie with cooled shelves, praline, dry hot snack and bain-marie, 110, 160, 210, 320 units. LED lighting.




  •  Monobloc foam tank insulated with injected polyurethane (40 kg/m3).
  • Glass structure in shiny aluminium.
  • Electronic thermostat with temperature display and relative repeater on Customer’s side.
  • Heated, tempered, pyrolytic, double glass fronts and sides.
  • 3 different heights: 45.31’’; 53.18”; 57.08”.
  • Glass front opens upwards (H 53.18”; 57.08”).
  • Display surface tilted at a 9° angle.
  • LED lighting.
  • LED-lit fl avour markers (patented by IFI)
  • Refrigeration system with double evaporator.
  • Hot gas or reverse cycle defrosting system.
  • Optional tropicalization: remote condensing unit tested at 109.4°F ambient temperature.
  • Optional extras: castors and scoop washer.
  • CE certifi cation for Europe, Gost Standard certifi cation for Russia and ETL certifi cation for North America.
  • Tested at 95°F and 60% R.H.
  • Differentiated temperature unit.
  • Can be connected to all the other products in the CUBIKA line.
  • Available in the following linear units (14.17”x6.49” / 14.17”x9.84” pans):
    • 43.30” (6+6_4+4).
    • 62.99” (9+9_6+6).
    • 82.67” (12+12_8+8).
    • 125.98” (18+18_12+12).
  • Corner units (trapezoidal pans h 45.31’’and 53.18”):
    • 1/30° Corner Unit (7+6).
    • 2/30° Corner Unit (6+7).
    • 2/45° Corner Unit (5+7).



CUBIKA is also available in its ‘4 Seasons’ version, which can function either as a gelato display (-14°C – 18°C) or a pastry display (+2°C+8°C with at least 70% relative humidity) by simply resetting the temperature on the control panel and pressing the changeover button.







THE COOLED DISPLAY SHELF, 745 mm deep, is made of removable steel surfaces (FIXED SHELF VERSION) with polished BA stainless steel inside finishings. 
TWO STANDARD display shelves of 290 mm in crystal per H 1351. The display cabinet is available in 2 heights: H 1151 or H 1351 mm. 
THE COOLING PLANT (T°+2/+8 C°) ventilated with air circulation is with single delivery. 
The defrosting is automatic with hot gas with on board or remote condensing unit, with external condense drain; the Relative Humidity (R.H.) index is perfect for patisserie products, constantly keeping itself at 70 – 80%. The condensing unit has a double fan, the second of which is thermostatic: Everything translates in less heat and less noise for the operator.
EC certified for Europe, ETL for North America and GOST Standard for Russia.
Trials carried out in climatic class 30°C/55% R.H.




Available in linear units 1100 – 1600 – 2100, A2/45°-A2/30° corner. (only h 1351 mm).
It is possible to manage the cold conveying through a controls panel, to distribute it in three different modalities, depending on the products to be displayed:

  1. Ventilation on display shelf only;
  2. Ventilation on display shelf and on lower shelf;
  3. Cold air circulation on the display top and 2 shelves. (h 57.08”: on the 2 lower shelves).

In all Cubika Cooled Patisserie Shelves units, the lateral sides in double glazing are hardened and heated, the front double glazing is hardened and heated and can be opened upwards and the lighting is with LED.







IFI’s Cubika is two display cases in one: in fact, the same display case can be used for pralines (+14°C, 45% U.R. MAX) or for pastry (+4°/+8°C); you just need to change the temperature and humidity settings on the control panel. The display case has a static refrigeration system and falls in the category of 30°C / 55% relative humidity.
Substantially, it has the structural features of the display cabinets with linear fixed shelf, but a different cooling plant (temperature + 14°C – R.H. 50%) suitable for preserving products with chocolate base and/or coating. Rear-display cabinet slides. Open compartments and tray-holding compartments at the base. Condense evaporating tray (optional). The display cabinet is provided with incorporated condensing unit (CU).





Steel shelf heated by means of internal electric resistance, adjustable temperature with thermostat up to a maximum of 65°C. The useful steel shelf is 670 mm deep and 1030, 1530, 2030 mm long. Rear-display cabinet slides. Open compartment and tray-holding compartment at the base.




Bain-marie heat elements for gastronomy, with high technical/aesthetical features, can be perfectly channelled with all other elements. The inside stainless steel shelf is one of the featuring parts of this element. Every bed has its own drain – provided with liquid evacuation cock-valve – conveyed to a single output plant. Adjustable thermostat from 30° to 70°C. Switch, warning light.

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