Chocolate is a glass lit casket. Chocolate is conceived for the master chocolate makers wanting to give importance to their masterpieces, with a real and proper jeweler type display: a theca of glass and light in which every praline is individually lit and enhanced in order to involve all the senses of the observer.






It is designed for master chocolate makers who like to extol the quality of their products in the style of a real exhibition rather than in a traditional manner emphasizing just quantity. The Chocolat display case is IFI’s finest free-standing solution for chocolate boutiques. It is minimalist in design and measures 5676 cm2 (0,57 m2).
IFI’s Chocolat is two display cases in one: in fact, the same display case can be used for pralines (+14°C, 45% U.R. MAX) or for pastry (+4°/+8°C); you just need to change the temperature and humidity settings on the control panel. The display case has a static refrigeration system and falls in the category of 30°C / 55% relative humidity. The display case comes in a single version of 1250 mm, with on-board or remote motor, and can be installed with or without platform. Finishes for front, sides and drawer fronts:

  • TINTED veneered multi-layer birch finish (with TINTED veneered multi-layer birch work surface)
  • LACQUERED veneered multi-layer birch finish (with marble, granite or agglomerate work surface)
  • polished stainless steel finish (with polished stainless steel work surface)






  1. Customizable server’s work surface (in polished stainless steel, tinted multi-layer birch or marble, granite, agglomerate with lacquer).
  2. Evaporator.
  3. Aesthetic false drawer.
  4. Extractable drawers.
  5. Stainless steel profile.
  6. Gas-piston operated window.
  7. Fixed glass.
  8. Standard grazing LED lighting on the server’s and customer’s side.
  9. Optional devices: 2 adjustable LED lights at the sides of the display case.
  10. Front panel with your choice of finish: tinted wood, lacquered or polished stainless steel.
  11. Condensation evaporation tub.
  12. Optional: LED lighting.




  1. False drawer with front customizable in one of three finishes.
  2. Control panel.
  3. With on-board CU: false drawers with fronts customizable in one of 3 finishes. With external CU: neutral drawers with fronts customizable in one of 3 finishes.
  4. Stainless steel profile with polished BA finish.
  5. Neutral drawers with fronts customizable in one of 3 finishes.


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